Not only is a blog a great place for the pupils to share their work and accept feedback and act upon it, but it can also resolve issues of storing content created by the pupils, on mobile devices, and work being accidentally deleted by other pupils especially if devices are shared across the school.

We can:

  • Set up a bespoke school blogging platform.
  • Set up spaces for year groups and individual pupils which can be password protected.
  • Set up an app on each iPad so that content can easily be uploaded to the blog.
  • Provide an easy to follow guide for teachers once the blog has been set up.
  • Provide a letter to parents to inform of the blog’s launch and how they can get involved.
  • Provide a guide which explains the purpose of blogging, how to build an audience, how comments and feedback can be left, moderation and E-safety, activities and ways a blog can be sustained.

Ofsted Inspection in Stepney Primary School , May 2014

“The curriculum has been carefully developed to provide first hand, interesting experiences, and to broaden pupils’ horizons through links with schools in Sierra Leone and Nebraska. The school’s innovative ‘blog’ facility, showcases on line children’s imaginative art and technology work, attracting hits and comments from schools across the country and overseas.”